Tetraalkyl Ammonium Bentonite, Newtone 889

Tetraalkyl Ammonium Bentonite, Newtone 889

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NEWTONE 889 (25 KGS)

NEWTONE 889 (25 KGS) is a rheological additive. It is an organoclay (tetraalkyl ammonium bentonite) for solvent-based systems of low to medium polarity.


  • Various industry: paint, ink, lubricating grease, cosmetic 


Benefits / Features 

  • High gelling efficiency over low to medium polarity organic solvents.
  • Very easy to incorporate. Do not need polar activator or making a pre-gel.
  • Consistent in rheology and development of thixotropic structure.
  • Excellent sag resistance
  • Produce a gel with light color and high transparency.
  • Can be added at any steps during the production, also